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    We  are so excited that you are returning to the P.A.C.K to continue our work in building a community that is being built on heart and legacy!  For us, building the P.A.C.K is a practice in supporting our scholars as they strengthen their perseverance, take ownership through accountability, give service to the community, and move in kindness. Our foundation will always consist of our district strategic plan goals and the TAF 5 pillars. The heart is our families, scholars, and staff. With the strength of our foundation and the steadfast beat of our heart, we will start the 22-23 school year with excitement, anticipation, joy, and pride! This is now our 6th year of existence and we are continuing to strengthen our legacy as a school committed to transformative social change through racial equity, kindness as a way of life, and ujima (carrying each other in time of need).


    This year scholars will have even more opportunities to be creative problem solvers, critical thinkers, and community collaborators. In service of that goal, we will start the year with a community project that will unpack who we all are as individuals, as a school community, and as community members of the city of Federal Way. The driving question of our first exhibition is “WHAT IS THE STORY OF OUR DESIGN?” As a school community we are excited to learn more about each individual scholar and their family so that we can ensure that our school culture is reflective of the heart of scholar and family culture. We know that our strength lies in the assets that scholars bring to our campus each day! In addition, this year we strive to increase our commitment to using the voices of our scholars and families to guide all of the work that we do. It is our commitment to continue to center all that we do around the voices of our scholars and families. We are at our best when you have agency within our community and see yourself in what we do. You should also see an increased presence on our Instagram and Facebook pages that will showcase the awesomeness of families, scholars, and staff.


    Here is what we continue to believe will help our TAF@SGH scholars grow: 


    Looping for 6th and 7th grade - 6th and 7th graders will spend 2 years with their house teachers to provide consistency and continuity for scholars as they return to school and to support in an acceleration in learning built on strong scholar - teacher relationships. 

    Co-teaching - This strategy allows teachers to share in the load of scaffolding learning, project development and implementation, differentiation, creativity in instruction, and providing focused support for scholars at all levels. 

    A focus on authentic real-world PBL, as well as defined courses for academic support and acceleration. We believe culturally responsive, real-world, authentic PBL is transformative. When structured effectively, PBL puts students in the driver seat of their own learning. We have also put in place a plan to provide extended support and extension through PBL for all students to strengthen their reading, writing, and STEM skills. 

    Culturally Sustaining Teaching - Teachers will use culturally sustaining teaching practices to ensure high engagement, academic success, inquiry, voice, and rigor for ALL scholars. 

    Commitment to social emotional learning, clear school-wide expectations, and investment in restorative practices - It is our goal to ensure that school is a home game for all students. With high expectations, a focus on mindfulness, and clear expectations; we will all grow and be changed for the better. 

    22-23 TAF@SGH School-Wide Driving Question:   What actions must we take to create a learning community that ensures liberation in learning, belonging through agency/voice, and an ongoing commitment to transformative change at TAF@SGH?  This driving question will be used to center the work of our staff and define our service to scholars and families.


    Here’s to a great 22-23 school year wolfpack!

    Never forget …it is, and always is, a great day to be a wolf in the pack!


    ❤️Ms. Spencer