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National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week is November 13-19: Here’s What You Should Know About Apprenticeships

National Apprenticeship Week is November 13-19, and during this week Federal Way Public Schools is joining many other trades-related organizations to share the benefits of becoming skilled in a trade profession, and how to get started now.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an apprenticeship is a position as an apprentice, or an arrangement in which someone learns an art, trade, or job under another. Apprenticeships can be offered under one professional, but these days, apprenticeships are generally provided through a program by organizations or even trades unions, like a local laborer's union. Apprenticeships offer on-the-job training and hands-on experience, which is a valuable and practical way to acquire a new skill set.

Also, an important thing to note is that apprenticeships can come in many varieties – there are apprenticeships in the medical field, agriculture, arts and media, business and administration, education and training, and more popularly, within construction. Apprenticeships can also vary by duration and location. Through an apprenticeship program, apprentices can gain valuable experience as well as benefits, often in the form of earned credentials, high school and/or college credits, financial compensation, professional relationships, guaranteed careers, and more.

Once fully trained, and as a result of completing an apprenticeship program, individuals can make an average of $100,000 per year with retirement and medical benefits! *

At Federal Way Public Schools, we offer two apprenticeship programs for high school scholars, and are continually working to expand opportunities for apprenticeships to include more varieties and scholars:


  • Pre-Apprenticeship Program (Federal Way High School)
    Federal Way High School's Pre-Apprenticeship Program enables 11-12 grade scholars to explore careers in high-paying trades and earn dual credit, industry recognized credentials, and direct entry inro all Washington State apprenticeship programs after high school graduation. Scholars can learn about various trades, including construction, masonry, electrical and more. Learning occurs inside and outside the classroom, with a fully outfitted shop and outdoor courtyard to provide scholars with adequate space to work on large-scale projects. With the help of current trades professionals and local laborer’s unions, scholars can accelerate their development towards becoming job ready.
  • Barber Apprenticeship Program (Truman Campus)
    Truman Campus offers an eight-week barbering apprenticeship through a partnership with King County Career Launch Pad and Detailed Experience. During this time, scholars learn the basics of barbering, including basic clipper and scissor cuts and how to engage with clients, co-workers, and community members. In addition, scholars participate in a 40-hour entrepreneurship course to learn basic economics, money management, and how to develop a business plan. Upon completion of the program, they have a full understanding of the opportunities as a barber and can pursue licensure through a state-approved barber college.

While there are only two apprenticeship programs currently offered in FWPS, there are many more available to high school scholars in this region, and even more as a post-secondary education option following high school graduation. To learn more about apprenticeship programs, high school college and career centers are a great resource, as well as the following online resources through Washington State Department of Labor and Industries:

Remember, there are many avenues to success, and enrolling in an apprenticeship program can be a great step towards a rewarding and lucrative career!

Apprenticeship preparation and apprenticeship programs support Goal 5 of Federal Way Public Schools’ strategic plan, Persistence to Graduation: High School Graduation Through Successful Transitions, which states, “Every scholar will successfully navigate the critical transitions in their schooling, and will graduate from high school ready for college, career, and post-secondary experiences.” Learn more about the ways FWPS students are gaining career skills now at

*For specific career pathways. Please research your desired pathway for an accurate average salary.