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FWPS STEM Exploration Night Event Program


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Full Event Program (PDF)

Event Map (PDF)

Special Accommodations Available:

  • Nursing Room for mothers and babies (Room 2422)
  • Sensory-Friendly Break Room (2423)
  • Men's Prayer Room (Room 2425)
  • Women's Prayer Room (Room 2424)

Dear Scholars, Families, and Community, 

Welcome to the seventh annual STEM Exploration Night, From Imagination to Innovation! Here in Federal Way Public Schools, we know that each scholar can achieve success, and it is our commitment to empower our students with access and choice by exposing them to the many opportunities and career paths available.  

STEM Exploration Night has become a scholar and family-favorite event in our district, allowing students to explore the world of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Washington state ranks #2 in the concentration of STEM jobs. Our scholars can start preparing to take part in these booming careers now by learning about STEM-related college and career pathways and opportunities that can lead to high-demand, high-wage professions. 

With STEM integrated into almost every aspect of our lives, we want to show scholars how their hobbies and interests are intertwined with science, technology, engineering, and math, even if it’s not what you traditionally think of as “STEM”. At this event, scholars of all ages can speak with diverse STEM professionals from various fields, engage in grade-level appropriate activities that can spur new passions, and learn how they can embark on a STEM journey in FWPS and beyond to turn their imagination into innovation.  

The journey starts NOW, and I’m excited for each of you to explore the opportunities at tonight's event! Thank you for planning for a BRIGHT future! 

Dr. Dani Pfeiffer


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Explore Booths by Pathway

Booths are organized by STEM pathways and are available throughout the building for students and families to explore career interests by gathering information, engaging in hands-on activities, and more.

Explore Events by Category

STEM Exploration Night offers many experiences for students of all ages. We invite you to explore and attend the annual STEM Film Festival, panel discussion, experience rooms, CTE features, demonstrations, and more!

How to Use the Online Program

STEM Exploration Night is a two-story event with endless opportunities for students and families to explore STEM. The online program includes all information included in our print program and more! 

Explore Booths by Pathway

In this section, you can expand each pathway accordion by clicking the yellow "+" symbol to see all partner and school booths within the pathway. Each booth card contains the information including the organization or school, title of booth, type of booth, languages spoken at the booth, and a detailed description of what the booth has to offer.

Explore Events by Category

Expand this section by clicking the yellow '+" symbol to see all experiences including demonstrations, workshops, and more offered during the event. Experiences are grouped in two main categories: Drop-in Experiences which you can participate at any time during the evening, and Scheduled Events which have specific start and end times.

As an option, you can also filter experiences by tags. This will narrow down your results in case you only want to see experiences for a certain age group or other defined criteria.