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  • Principal Rennie

    Greetings Star Lake Families,

    As I am writing this newsletter article, snowflakes are falling outside my window. Wintery weather is still hanging around so please continue to have your children dress for the weather with shoes that can withstand the wet and a coat with a hood…and even as we transition into spring it stays wet around here!


    As I daily visit classrooms, I am so proud to see students being kind, safe and productive. I am seeing teachers providing strong learning targets and success criteria and examples and models that help our students move to stronger independence as learners. I hear students talking with each other about the content, and I see solid progress and growth on our IRLA and iReady assessments. There is a great deal of learning going on here at Star Lake every day!


    We have so many exciting events coming up in March:


    On March 16th we have our family Math and Science exploration night! Due to moving, and the pandemic, we haven’t had a family night in three years! We will have food, activities, games and great research projects to share. Please join us!


    On March 23rd we have our musical production of Aladdin! I can’t wait! It has been so fun to hear students practicing after school in the gym…this will be such a wonderful performance!


    On March 30th and 31st we have Student-Led Conferences. Again, we need to meet with EVERY family to celebrate student growth and share progress. Please be watching for sign up information coming soon from your child’s teacher.


    Please see the calendar in our newsletter for additional March events.


    Amazingly, we are getting close to entering the last third of our school year and time will fly between now and June. We are excitedly registering kindergartners, reviewing data, looking at staffing and beginning plans for the fall while still digging into instruction to continue our positive, strong end to this school year.


    I wish your family continued health and happiness, and a wonderful spring!


    Best Regards,


    Kris Rennie, principal







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