Spring 2015-Spring 2016

Posted by Debra Stenberg on 4/29/2016

By spring, 2015, a footprint of the instructional wing emerged, three sections extending from a base that runs east and west along South 308th Street. Foundations were quickly followed by structural steel, creating a skeleton, an outline of what was to come.

Then, early in December, 2015, the instructional wing of school began to fill in: First, a roof, walls and windows were put in place. The 308th street-facing exterior was further defined in tan and black brick, creating a subtle zigzag pattern.

There’s more that can’t been seen from the street side. Facing the courtyard side of the school, metal siding has begun to create a modern industrial look in shades of blue and gray. On the roof, heating, ventilation and cooling units are in place. And inside, plumbing, electrical and ductwork are being woven through walls and along ceilings and floors.

The building’s construction has flowed north, wrapping around the site and defining the office and library wing along Pacific Highway South, and the student commons and theater. The distinctive egg shape of the theater is becoming more noticeable daily.