What are we doing to insure student accountability?

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With only summative assessment in the grade book, how can we insure students get the practice they need?

It is the responsibility of each teacher to provide students with many opportunities to practice without penalty through in-class assignments and homework. While teachers will be able to enter practice (homework or other formative assessments) in their grade book, it will not be calculated as part of the student’s grade. School districts around the state and nation and some of our own teachers have experienced the positive change of attitude and motivation in students within a short amount of time after implementing standards-based grading. Students quickly discover that to be successful on summative assessments, they must complete the homework/practice so they can obtain helpful feedback from their teachers. FWPS teachers who have implemented standards-based grading have stated that more students are completing homework than before. Students are taking more ownership in their learning as the emphasis is on what they have actually learned, not just on what teachers have taught.