What is the difference between Pinnacle Instruction and Gradebook?

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Both are part of the Global Scholar platform. Pinnacle instruction (PI) is the name of the assessment side of the platform. Assessments scored by the PI systems are done so by component (ie standard or learning target) and the results are "pushed" into the Gradebook. The "power" of the platform is that it allows for clear and immediate results, item analysis, learning trend measures, various testing options and numerous summary reports. The "power" of the tool is that it provides teachers with immediate results and the data shows the students who need re-teaching on the specific skill. The system has built-in charts that teachers can show parents and students to help them better understand where an individual student is showing improvement and where growth is still needed. Rather than waiting for the assessments to be scored by hand, entered one score at a time, and each teacher doing his or her own analysis, the system does it for you.