And what about cheating and plagiarism?

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If a student cheats or plagiarizes on a test or assignment, can he or she retake the test or re-do the assignment?

In this case, the school and/or teacher must separate the behavior from the student’s achievement. Cheating and plagiarism is an unethical behavior that the district will not condone. Currently, no consistent consequence exists when a student cheats or plagiarizes. The penalty ranges from a lowered grade, a zero, and even suspension. These consequences, however, do not often include completing the assignment appropriately.

When a student does not have to make up the test or assignment, we send the message that the test or assignment wasn't important, and we let him or her off the hook regarding demonstrating proficiency on that standard. In SBE, students will be expected to retake a test or complete the assignment. In addition, they also will receive the appropriate discipline in accordance with building and district policy.