What is involved in a Professional Teachers Certificate program?

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While the program may vary somewhat from college to college, there are certain elements that are common to all programs:

Candidates must demonstrate competence in three standards (Effective Teaching, Professional Development, and Leadership) and must demonstrate a positive impact on student learning.  All the colleges/universities with approved programs have agreed to common performance indicators and products that candidates will present as evidence of competence.

All programs will begin with a pre-assessment seminar during which candidates will develop a Professional Growth Plan (PGP) with the help of their Professional Growth Team (PGT).  The team will consist of a college/university representative, a school district representative and a colleague chosen by the candidate.  The Professional Growth Plan will be based on an assessment of the candidate’s need for assistance in order for that person to demonstrate the required competencies.  It may consist of mentoring, course work, peer coaching, workshops, etc.

After the Professional Growth Plan has been completed, a culminating seminar will conclude each program, during which the candidate will present the products that demonstrate standards have been met and that the candidate has had a positive impact on student learning.

The program at each college will have some unique characteristics and the delivery system may vary as well.  Candidates should expect a minimum of fifteen quarter (ten semester) credits in each program, but there may be more – depending on the candidate’s Professional Growth Plan.