Tips for designing effective e-flyers

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  • Use colorful graphics and photos, not black and white text. Remember you don’t have to pay for color with Peachjar!
  • Add your registration URL during the upload process AND embed it into your flyer document before you save it as a pdf.
  • If your event takes place off campus, add a mapping address as you post your eflyer. That way, parents will be able to see your event location.
  • During the upload process, create a descriptive “Title” for your flyer.
  • Use large colorful graphics to make it easy for parents to read on their smartphone.
  • Use large fonts and lengthen your eflyer to several pages if necessary. Before Peachjar, small fonts were needed to save on printing costs, but with eflyers, multiple pages can be sent at no additional cost.
  • Creating an eflyer in Microsoft Word is easy! Click here to learn how.