Good News: October 13, 2020

Posted by Alison Dempsey-Hall on 10/14/2020

Good News Announcements (GNA) recognize the positive achievement and work of FWPS students, staff, schools and the community, and we’re excited to bring them back virtually this school year!  

Western Washington Native American Education Consortium Merit Award Scholarship

Congratulations to our 2020 graduates who received the Western Washington Native American Education Consortium Merit Award Scholarship! This award recognizes Native American high school seniors who meet the minimum GPA requirement and plan to attend an accredited two-or-four-year college, tribal college or university, including vocational or technical institutes.

We would like to acknowledge the following graduates:

  • Deshante Hattori-Lindsey. His tribal affiliation is Creek.
  • Tyshon Hattori-Lindsey. His tribal affiliation is Creek.
  • Kimberly Melendrez. Her tribal affiliation is Tlingit/Haida. 
  • Reagan Neumann. Her tribal affiliation is White Earth Chippewa.

Congratulations to these graduates for achieving high school graduation through successful transitions part of Goal 5 of the strategic plan!

Native American

97 graduates earned the Seal of Biliteracy

The Seal of Biliteracy recognizes high school graduates who have demonstrated high levels of proficiency (reading, writing, and speaking) in one or more languages in addition to high levels of proficiency in English. The Seal of Biliteracy is important because it exemplifies the dedicated work and valuable skills they will bring into their career and college experiences. 

On the next three slides, we will be honoring 97 graduates from our Class of 2020 graduates who earned the Seal of Biliteracy from the following schools:

  • Decatur High School
  • Federal Way High School
  • Internet Academy
  • TAF@Saghalie
  • Thomas Jefferson High School
  • Todd Beamer High School

 The number of students that are biliterate is a key measure of progress in Goal 4 of our strategic plan, which supports mastery of all subjects and supports our scholars working toward biliteracy.  Students who have earned the Seal of Biliteracy also exemplify our commitment to thriving in our multi-cultural and diverse society. We are proud of you, scholars!

Seal of Biliteracy


Transportation Department receives outstanding results in annual inspection

The Washington State Patrol has completed their annual inspection of the Federal Way Public Schools school buses, and for the second year in a row, our district has been recognized for outstanding results!

This is a great accomplishment and we would like to recognize the following team members:

  • Zail DeBie 
  • Duane Jefferies
  • Roy Griggs
  • Todd Fitch
  • Eldon Riedt 
  • Joe Pagel 
  • Charles McLemore 
  • Barb Jefferies
  • Doug Shore

 At this time, we would also like to recognize the following administrators:

  • Michelle Turner, Executive Director of Transportation
  • Tom Nutt, Shop Manager

This is in direct support of our district strategic plan that highlights the importance of a committed and talented staff who utilize professional practices that ultimately helps keep our scholars safe while riding the bus.

Keep up the great work!