Announcing Evergreen Middle School and new mascots

In June 2021, the decision was made to rename Totem Middle School, and we began the process of identifying the new name of the school. In November 2021, that process concluded when the FWPS Board of Directors approved the scholar-recommended name Evergreen Middle School. This process incorporated the voices of scholars, teachers, community members, and local tribal leaders. We are proud to move forward with this new name in an effort to help undo the disrespectful use and cultural appropriation of Native American identity in our community.

As many of you know, House Bill 1356 prompted school districts across the state, including Federal Way Public Schools, to reflect and consider the appropriateness of their school mascots. We recognized the importance of partnership in this process, and were fortunate to en-gage with local tribal leaders to help us determine what changes needed to happen in our district for schools with names and mascots connected to Native American identities. As a result, several of our schools now have new mascots:

  • Illahee Middle School Royals 
  • Sacajawea Middle School Nighthawks 
  • Woodmont K–8 Snow Leopards 
  • Evergreen Middle School Grizzlies