Because of You Awards: Jan. 24, 2023

Posted by Gerardo Fernandez on 1/25/2023

Congratulations to Andrew Young, teacher at Federal Way Public Academy, for receiving a #BecauseOfYou award!

A scholar shared that Mr. Young makes learning fun and the material he teaches ties into real-world situations. Because of you, this scholar’s first year at Federal Way Public Academy has been wonderful.

Andrew Young

Congratulations to Chrissie Bianchi, teacher at Todd Beamer High School, for receiving a #BecauseOfYou award!

Scholars told us that Ms. Bianchi helps them feel connected to their school community and never gives up on them. Because of you, these scholars say that they are motivated and learning how to be leaders!

 Chrissie Bianchi

Congratulations to Maggie Engels, teacher at Mirror Lake Elementary, for receiving a #BecauseOfYou award!

A scholar told us that Ms. Engels welcomed him, listened to him, and encouraged him to advocate for himself. Because of you, this scholar says he is more confident and knows he can accomplish great things!

Maggie Engels

Congratulations to Sabine Watson, teacher at Sacajawea Middle School, for receiving a #BecauseOfYou award!

A scholar shares that Ms. Watson encouraged her to read and introduced her to books that she loves today. Because of you, this scholar has discovered her passion for reading and writing. 

Sabine Watson