Because of You Awards: May 24, 2022

Posted by Gerardo Fernandez on 5/25/2022 10:00:00 AM

Congratulations to Leann Stafford, teacher at Illahee Middle School. She was nominated by five scholars.

One scholar says Ms. Stafford was there for her from day one of school. Another states that she is very kind and makes class fun. Another scholar shares that Ms. Stafford has helped him in class. Another says that she helps him with his work. Another states that Ms. Stafford is very kind and understands her. Because of you, these scholars are enjoying school and feel supported.

Thank You Leann Stafford

Congratulations to Sarah Nusser, Program Specialist for Student Support Services. She was nominated by a scholar, who shares that Ms. Nusser listens to him and cares about him. He shares that she takes the time to learn about him and pays attention to his interests. Because of you, Case is on his way to graduate!

Sarah Nusser

Congratulations to April Williams, teacher at Internet Academy. She was nominated by a scholar.

The scholar shares that Ms. Williams is understanding, patient, and encourages her to do her best. Maddison says that Ms. Williams supports her and answers every question she has. Because of you, Maddison has been able to catch up on everything!

Thank you April Williams

Congratulations to Sam Ruppel, teacher at Kilo Middle School. He was nominated by a scholar who shares that Mr. Ruppel has shown him ways to improve himself and those around him. Adrian says that Mr. Ruppel helps with school problems and real-world problems. Because of you, Adrian has learned how to turn his life around with a few good choices!

Thank you Sam Ruppel

Congratulations to Eric Filler, teacher at Federal Way Public Academy. He was nominated by a scholar who shares that Mr. Filler is very nice and supports her.  She says that Mr. Filler always helps her when she has problems and she looks forward to his class every day. Because of you, Greta is encouraged to achieve her dreams and goals!

Thank you Eric Filler

Congratulations to Dr. Frederick Jordan, teacher at Mark Twain Elementary. He was nominated by a scholar.

The scholar shares that Dr. Jordan is a caring, kind and authentic individual. Ca’vell said that Dr. Jordan ensured that he was heard and knew that his feelings mattered. Because of you, Ca’vell is enjoying school again!

Thank you Dr. Frederick