Because of You Awards: June 11, 2019

Posted by Ashley Rickard on 6/12/2019

Brad Smith

We would like to recognize Brad Smith, counselor at Federal Way High School.

A scholar shares Mr. Smith has been there for him his whole freshman year. He states when he had sports injuries and was in a wheelchair Mr. Smith gave him the support he needed. Because of you, this student says he was able to overcome obstacles that seemed impossible!

brad smith

Bryan Hamilton

We would like to recognize Bryan Hamilton, teacher and coach at Federal Way High School.

Nine scholars shared Mr. Hamilton is helpful, kind and caring. They expressed appreciation for how he opens their minds to new perspectives, challenges them to look through multiple lenses and increases their understanding of subject matter. Because of you, these scholars say they enjoy school and feel successful, strong and confident!

bryan hamilton

Pamela Jerome

We would like to recognize Pamela Jerome, teacher at Lake Grove Elementary School.

A scholar states Ms. Jerome was her fifth-grade teacher at Lake Grove. She states Ms. Jerome always helped her no matter the question. This student shares Ms. Jerome helped her when she was going through a hard time, gave her a safe environment and made her smile. Because of you, a student says she is a smart and strong student-athlete!

pamela jerome

Andrew Clark

We would like to recognize Andrew Clark, teacher at Sacajawea Middle School.

A student shares Mr. Clark taught him the rules and properties of geometry while having a fun time. He states Mr. Clark’s class was incredibly memorable, and the environment was friendly and awesome. Because of you, this student says he is inspired to become an educator who teaches class while having a good time!

andrew clark

Debbie Miller

We would like to recognize Debbie Miller, teacher at Woodmont K-8.

In a student's words, “Ms. Miller is a rock star teacher.” The student shares Ms. Miller helps him with math, and her favorite quote, “Ready, set, pickle juice,” always brings a smile to his face. He says because of you, he loves mathematics, has improved in reading, and feels safe, loved and important!

debbie miller