Because of You Awards: May 14, 2019

Posted by Ashley Rickard on 5/15/2019 12:00:00 PM

Kylie Bertram

We would like to recognize Kylie Bertram, science teacher at Federal Way High School.

Twelve scholars shared Ms. Bertram creates a welcome and fun environment to learn and pushes them to reach their fullest potential. The scholars shared she is a great science teacher who goes the extra mile to help them learn. Because of you, these scholars say they are excited about science!

kylie bertram



Brian Brockmueller

We would like to recognize Brian Brockmueller, teacher at Panther Lake Elementary.

One student shared Mr. Brockmueller is really kind. He feels Mr. Brockmueller truly cares about him and shared he even asks about how this student's grandmother is doing. Because of you, this student proudly states he reads well!

brian brockmueller


Tommy Decker

We would like to recognize Tommy Decker, teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School.

In one student's words, “Mr. Decker radiates sunshine and happiness, he lifts the mood in any room he enters.” She expresses appreciation that Mr. Decker is available when she needs help. She has too many favorite memories, so it was a challenge for her to single one out. Because of you, this student feels like she has a second family at school!

tommy decker

Liz Amos

We would like to recognize Liz Amos, teacher at Totem Middle School.

One student shared Ms. Amos is the best teacher. A second student shared Ms. Amos always has interesting projects to make class fun. Another student shared Ms. Amos has an amazing gift to connect with him. A fourth shared Ms. Amos made her smile when she was having a tough day. Because of you, these scholars say they enjoy school!

liz amos