Because of You Awards: January 15, 2019

Posted by Ashley Rickard on 1/16/2019 10:30:00 AM

Katie McEachern

We would like to recognize Katie McEachern, grades 4/5 Highly Capable teacher at Mark Twain Elementary.

One scholar shared she learns more because Ms. McEachern makes her feel welcome and lessons are fun. A second scholar said he is getting better grades in reading thanks to Ms. McEachern. Another scholar stated she is very happy and Ms. McEachern helped her love math. Ms. McEachern helps a fourth scholar feel comfortable in class, and she is getting smarter every day. Because of you, these scholars are excited about learning at school.


Dianne Harlow

We would like to recognize Dianne Harlow, fourth grade teacher at Woodmont K-8. 

A scholar shared Ms. Harlow believes in him, helps him have a fresh start every day, and helps him build confidence. This student used to find reasons not to come to school, but now he wants to learn more from Ms. Harlow. Because of you, a scholar looks forward to going to school EVERY DAY!

Dianne Harlow

CJ Green

We would like to recognize CJ Green, teacher at Federal Way High School.

One scholar shared Mr. Green welcomed her and made her comfortable and confident as a new student. The student shared Mr. Green checks in on him, talks to him about his future, and works with him to make sure he succeeds. Because of you, these scholars are thriving at school!

CJ Green

Diony Victorin

We would like to recognize Diony Victorin, math teacher at Federal Way High School.

A student shared Mr. Victorin is very respectful and friendly. Because he makes learning fun, she is proud to have an amazing grade in math. Another scholar shared Mr. Victorin motivates him every day, and now when he takes a test his mind is relaxed. Because of you, these scholars are engaged in math!


Eric Filler

We would like to recognize Eric Filler, science teacher at Federal Way Public Academy.

One student shared Mr. Filler brings out their school’s motto: Dare to be Wise. Also, this student shared that Mr. Filler gives scholars many opportunities to challenge themselves in class. Because of you, a scholar said he will be prepared for the challenges of the IB program and college!