Because of You Awards: December 11, 2018

Posted by Ashley Rickard on 12/12/2018 10:20:00 AM

Donte Green

We would like to recognize Donte Green, 5th grade teacher at Brigadoon Elementary.

A scholar shared that Mr. Green taught him to keep trying to play new sports, even if there are obstacles. A different scholar stated Mr. Green made learning new things fun and encourages him to keep getting better. Because of you, scholars enjoy learning, and will never give up on themselves!

 Donte Green

Oksana Chmil

We would like to recognize Oksana Chmil, physical education teacher at Lakota Middle School.

A student shared Ms. Chmil was a really good teacher because she explained everything well and was always positive. Because of you, this student has improved in many subjects including reading, math, and science!


Sabine Watson

We would like to recognize Sabine Watson, 4th grade teacher at Lake Grove Elementary.

One scholar shared Ms. Watson was encouraging, and told her she could do anything if she put her mind to it. The scholar stated if she had a problem, Ms. Watson would help her solve it. Because of you, this scholar knows she can do anything, and she can be herself!


Cinda Rousseau

We would like to recognize Cinda Rousseau, 3rd grade teacher at Wildwood Elementary.

One scholar shared Ms. Rousseau made an impact by being helpful to children. Another scholar said Ms. Rousseau cared about her students, and challenges them. A third scholar shared Ms. Rousseau was helpful, caring and funny. Because of you, these scholars had a great 3rd grade year!


Amy Rapada

We would like to recognize Amy Rapada, Assistant Principal at Rainier View Elementary

A student shared Ms. Rapada cared about all students, and was willing to help in every possible way. She always saw Ms. Rapada helping others with a big smile. The scholar stated last year, Ms. Rapada went above-and-beyond to protect her from bullying. Because of you, this scholar feels safe at school!

amy rapada