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College Bound Scholarships Sign-up Exceeds State Average

89 percent of Federal Way Public Schools (FWPS) eligible eighth grade scholars signed up for the College Bound Scholarship program in 2018.

The College Bound Scholarship is an early commitment of state financial aid to eligible students who sign up in middle school by June 30 and fulfill the College Bound pledge. Created by the Washington State Legislature in 2007, the College Bound Scholarship program provides state financial aid to low-income students who may not consider college a possibility due to cost.

FWPS has been recognized by Governor Jay Inslee for exceeding the statewide average sign-up rate of 70 percent. “Your sign-up rate places you as one of the top performing districts in the state,” said Inslee in a letter to the school district.

For the last five years, the statewide high school graduation rate for College Bound students has been 10 percent higher than their peers who did not apply. College Bound students also enroll in postsecondary education at a slightly higher rate than the statewide average.

Over 29,000 eligible students signed up for the program across the state this year.

District leaders have partnered with schools to support scholars and families in applying for the scholarship. Several FWPS schools received gold star status for their high percentage of scholars who applied:

  • Federal Way Public Academy
  • Illahee Middle School
  • Kilo Middle School
  • Lakota Middle School
  • Nautilus K-8 School
  • Sacajawea Middle School
  • Sequoyah Middle School
  • TAF@Saghalie
  • Totem Middle School
  • Woodmont K-8 School 

As part of the district’s strategic plan, FWPS measures the percent of scholars who complete applications for College Bound Scholarships, FAFSA and WASFA. This achievement directly supports the district’s Strategic Plan Goal 5: Persistence to Graduation, with the belief that every student scholar will successfully navigate the critical transitions in their schooling, and will graduate from high school ready for college, career and postsecondary experiences.