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Based off the feedback of the 2,400 stakeholders including parents and guardians, scholars, and staff who participated in the school calendar survey, the first day of school for the upcoming school year will be September 2, 2020 and the last day will be June 17, 2021. To provide the state required 180 school days and the preferred features as indicated in our survey, we will be starting before Labor Day, like most districts around us.

To view the full calendars click here (They are provided as links in the right column)

The calendars represent the collective feedback with a focus on:

  • Scholar learning
  • Strategic plan goals
  • Family engagement with an awareness of cultural holidays
  • Alignment to surrounding districts

Over 700 parents and guardians responded. A majority preferred:

  • 10 days for winter Break
  • 2 days for Mid-Winter Break
  • Multiple snow days scheduled within the school year

Half of the parents and guardians who responded also preferred ending the school year by at least mid-June. Staff and scholar responses were similar, but an even greater percentage wanted a mid-June or later end date. 

Though no calendar can meet everyone’s preferences, we are confident that this calendar will support scholar learning and achievement and takes into account the feedback of the majority.  Thank you for your input and partnership.