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Supporting Truman Scholar's Learning

Career Academy at Truman has moving to a Competency-Based Learning Model (see our website, to learn more about our competency based model).  We are excited to be offering our scholars a variety of learning opportunity that will allow them to explore their passions on and off our campus. In order to successfully support our students in achieving their goals, we need the support of individuals who would like to share their skills and passions with our students by:

  • Facilitating an expeditionary learning experience over a two week period with our students.
  • Serving as a community mentor to a student who has an interest in an area you currently work.
  • Serving as an exhibition panelist.
  • Providing our students a job shadow opportunity and/or an internship.
  • Chaperoning field trips
  • Provide short term expertise through weekly skills workshops

Expeditionary Learning Experience:

Expeditionary learning opportunities will allow students to explore a variety of subjects that are of high interest to them. Students might learn photography, cooking, gaming skills, explore a career interest, learn about art through Museum tours, learn about training dogs…the opportunities are endless. These experiences will be a part of the students gathering the skills and knowledge that they need to show proficiency on the competencies needed for graduation.

There are three different opportunities for you to share your skills, knowledge and passions with our students.

  • November 9-22
  • Feb 26-March 8
  • May 30-June 12

Courses will be offered in two and four hour blocks 11-12:45, 1:05-3:00 or 11-3:

Commitment: two weeks every day for the designated timeframe.

Community Mentor:

In our competency-based learning model scholars will be looking to find individuals who are working in areas that they are interested in and/or individuals who have expertise in an area they have knowledge and skills. Mentors will provide guidance and support to help the student learn about the subject, skill or job through one-on-one meetings,  phone conversations, virtual session – however, will work best to support the scholars growth.

Commitment:  Negotiated by mentor and student.

Exhibition Panelist:

Every 12 weeks students will present their learning to a panel of adults and peers. This panel will evaluate the scholars progress towards meeting the competencies for graduation and give the scholar feedback about the work they have present and what next steps they might take in order to grow. Exhibitions will happen three times a year.

  • November 27-November 30
  • March 12-15
  • June 13-18

Commitment: minimum 1 hour

Job Shadows and Internships:

Truman scholars will be looking to develop their knowledge and skills around careers that they may have interest in persuing beyond high school. Through informational interviews, job shadows and short and long term internships they will develop knowledge and skills that will support their development of core competencies as well as help guide them towards next steps after graduation.

Commitment: negotiated by scholar and individual who will be providing the job shadow or internship.

Field Trip Chaperone:

Volunteer to be a chaperone to a college, business, museum, park or many other places are students may want to visit to extend their learning beyond the school house.

Commitment: As many field trips as you would like.

Skill Workshops:

Can’t commit to a two weeks of teaching, but have a skill, experience or knowledge you would like to share with our students. Arrange to share your expertise in a 70 minute workshop on Tuesday mornings (10-11:10) or Thursday afternoons (1:40-2:50).

Commitment: One 70 minute session, or multiple sessions

If you are interested in serving our scholars in any of the above ways please complete a short survey. All volunteers must complete a background check and you will find the required Volunteer Application

The Truman staff and scholars are excited about the opportunites that lay ahead and look forward to engaging our community in our scholars learning.