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Watch TJ Sports Teams Streaming Live!!

Sports competitions continue this year! We will continue to follow all COVID Safety requirements to be sure all are safe during these events. At this time, the North Puget Sound League (NPSL) has determined there will be no spectators at our competitions. We will continue to review this and adjust as we progress through the seasons.


We want all our families to still be able to join in the fun. To make this happen, all sporting events will be live-streamed. To access these events, follow these directions:


  1. Go to:
  2. Click "Thomas Jefferson HS"
  3. Click "Live"
  4. Log in 20 minutes prior to start to be ready


Sat Mar. 13 Football Kent Meridian * FWMF 6:00 PM
Tue Mar. 16 Girls Swimming AMV   VIRTUAL 3:30PM 
  Mar. 16 Girls Soccer Decatur   FWMF 7:30PM
Wed.  Mar. 17 Cross Country  Aub-Riverside   Aub-Riverside 4:00PM
  Mar. 17 Volleyball Mt. Rainier   Mt. Rainier  Var 7:15pm JV 5:45pm
Thur. Mar. 18 Boys Golf Todd Beamer   Riverbend (Kent) 3:00PM
  Mar. 18 Girls Golf Todd Beamer   Twin Lakes 3:00PM
  Mar. 18 Girls Swimming Todd Beamer * VIRTUAL 3:30PM 
  Mar. 18 Girls Soccer Kentlake   Kentlake 7:30PM
Fri. Mar. 19 Volleyball Decatur   Decatur  Var 7:15pm JV 5:45pm
Sat.  Mar. 20 Football Aub-Riverside   AMS 7:00PM
Tue. Mar. 23 Boys Golf Kent Meridian   Riverbend (Kent) 3:00PM
  Mar. 23 Girls Golf Kent Meridian   Riverbend (Kent) 3:00PM
  Mar. 23 Volleyball FWHS * TJHS  Var 7:15pm JV 5:45pm
  Mar. 23 Girls Soccer AMV * FWMF 7:30PM
Wed.  Mar. 24 Cross Country  AMV * TJHS 4:00PM
Thur Mar. 25 Boys Golf AMV   Riverbend (Kent) 3:00PM
  Mar. 25 Girls Golf AMV   Auburn 3:00PM
  Mar. 25 Volleyball Aub-Riverside   Aub-Riverside  Var 7:15pm JV 5:45pm
  Mar. 25 Girls Soccer Auburn * FWMF 7:30PM
Fri. Mar. 26 Football Aub-Mountainview   Auburn 7:00PM
Tue.  Mar. 30 Boys Golf Auburn   Riverbend (Kent) 3:00PM
  Mar. 30 Girls Golf Auburn   Auburn 3:00PM
  Mar. 30 Girls Swimming FWHS   VIRTUAL 3:30PM 
  Mar. 30 Girls Soccer  at Todd Beamer   FWMF 5:30PM
  Mar. 30 Volleyball Kent Meridian   TJHS  Var 7:15pm JV 5:45pm
Wed.  Mar. 31 Cross Country  FWHS   FWHS 4:00PM
Thur. Apr. 1 Boys Golf Aub-Riverside   Auburn 3:00PM
  Apr. 1 Girls Golf Aub-Riverside   Riverbend (Kent) 3:00PM
  Apr. 1 Girls Swimming Auburn   VIRTUAL 3:30PM 
  Apr. 1 Girls Soccer Kent Meridian   FWMF 3:15PM
  Apr. 1 Volleyball Auburn * TJHS  Var 7:15pm JV 5:45pm
Fri.  Apr. 2 Football Decatur   FWMF 7:00PM
Mon.  Apr. 5 Volleyball Kentlake * TJHS  Var 7:15pm JV 5:45pm
Tue. Apr. 6 Boys Golf Kentlake   Washington National 3:00PM
  Apr. 6 Girls Golf Kentlake   Riverbend (Kent) 3:00PM
  Apr. 6 Girls Swimming Aub-Riverside   VIRTUAL 3:30PM 
  Apr. 6 Girls Soccer Aub-RIverside   Aub-Riverside 7:30PM
Wed.  Apr. 7 Cross Country  Auburn   Auburn 4:00PM
  Apr. 7 Volleyball AMV   AMV  Var 7:15pm JV 5:45pm
Thur Apr. 8 Boys Golf Mt. Rainier   Riverbend (Kent) 3:00PM
  Apr. 8 Girls Golf Mt. Rainier   Riverbend (Kent) 3:00PM
  Apr. 8 Girls Swimming Decatur   VIRTUAL 3:30PM 
  Apr. 8 Girls Soccer  at FWHS   FWMF 3:30PM 
Thur.  Apr. 8 Football Auburn * FWMF 7:00PM
Fri. Apr. 9 Volleyball Todd Beamer   Todd Beamer  Var 7:15pm JV 5:45pm
  Apr. 12 Volleyball Tahoma   Tahoma  Var 7:15pm JV 5:45pm
Tue.  Apr. 13 Girls Soccer Kennedy Catholic * FWMF 3:15PM
Wed.  Apr. 14 Cross Country  Todd Beamer   TJHS 4:00PM
  Apr. 14 Volleyball CROSS OVER   CROSS OVER TBD
Fri.  Apr. 16 Football Todd Beamer   FWMF 7:00PM
Sat Apr. 17 Cross Country  3A League Meet   Celebrations Park (FW) TBD