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Upcoming Opportunities During Closure!


Good evening, Raider Fam!  

The Raiderette Dance Team tryouts have been impacted by this closure, and we are doing a virtual tryout! 

If you are interested you need to register through the following link, and you will be added to the tryout group and will be receiving step by step directions for the altered tryout process:

Thanks for your support!  

Laura Hall



Hey all, 

Amidst the craziness I’ve still got to hold auditions for my chamber choir class for next year, so I’m trying out a remote model! I’ll be accepting auditions via voice or video submission to my email OR you can request a time that I call you to do the audition live. 

I really REALLY want kids who are not already in my classes to get this information, because the whole goal is to EXPAND my program! If you are interested please follow the link below! 

Details found here: 

MANY thanks! 

Chelsea Clifton

Choir, Drama, and ATL 10

Thomas Jefferson High School