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TJHS Student Success Plan

This is a resource page for our scholars and families to use during the FWPS School Closure.  It is very important that students continue to exercise their minds with regular practice.  We want them to come back ready to jump back into their learning when we re-open.  We all know scholars need structure, so we are providing these resources for you to use as a family.  Please sit down with your scholars and help them develop a daily schedule while they are home.  Once this is done, consider checking in with them each night to review their work and to discuss how it went and adjustments that need to be made.  Points to consider in this schedule could be:

  1. Wake-up time
  2. Study time/check emails from teacher
  3. Chores (with a daily check-off list)
  4. Limited Social Media/Internet time
  5. Exercise time
  6. Tutor younger siblings
  7. Bed time

Teachers will be available to contact by email during the week.  Please see the link for all the contact information.  They will be checking in regularly with their classes, so be sure your scholars are checking their school email accounts.  Please know we are here to help during this transition time.  Best wishes to you all!


TJHS Student Success Plan Power Point


Student Hourly Planner Schedule


Free Comcast Internet Due to Covid-19


Listing of Free Meal Locations


How to Find Resources Off Campus


TJHS Student Activity List


TJHS Staff Directory


These below packets will be mailed to your home very shorlty. Feel free to look at them or go ahead and print as needed.

FWPS 9-12 School To Home Packet

FWPS 9-12 School to Home Extension Packet

FWPS ELL Self Study Packet


These packets below are for all other grade levels for you convenience

FWPS K-2 School to Home Packet

FWPS K-2 School to Home Extension Packet


FWPS 3-5 School to Home Packet

FWPS 3-5 School to Home Extension Packet


FWPS 6-8 School to Home Packet

FWPS 6-8 School to Home Extension Packet