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FWPS Board and Dr. Campbell Announce Succession Plan

April 21, 2021

Although the board has extended her contract for another three years, Supt Campbell conveyed to the FWPS Board of Directors her intention to begin succession planning and transition to support the next leader in Federal Way Public Schools.

“I’ve given every part of myself to the work of educating our children and serving the community of Federal Way Public Schools over the past 6+ years,” said Supt. Campbell. “However, this past year of COVID has prompted me to reassess some parts of my life that have an even greater pull on me, my family.”

Because the success of Federal Way Public Schools is paramount to Supt. Campbell, she will serve the district as a mentor superintendent to the incoming superintendent and the team in her seventh and final year, the 2021-22 school year.

In a move to ensure stability and continued growth for our district, the Federal Way Public Schools’ Board of Directors has chosen to appoint FWPS’ current deputy superintendent Dr. Dani Pfeiffer, as the incoming superintendent, beginning July 1, 2021. Dr. Pfeiffer is a proven leader who will continue the tradition of excellence in Federal Way Public Schools.

During the April 20 board meeting, each of the FWPS Board of Directors expressed the difference Dr. Campbell’s leadership has made over the past six years in making a positive impact on scholars attending Federal Way Public Schools.

FWPS Board President Geoffery McAnalloy shared, “Although the Board is heartbroken over Supt. Campbell’s decision, we want to continue to build upon our successes. We are confident in Dr. Pfeiffer’s ability to continue the great work of Federal Way Public Schools.”

Read Dr. Campbells’ letter to staff and families in its entirety here: