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Wildwood Mileage Club

Watch Mrs. Humphres in this video to learn more about the Wildwood Mileage Club!

We are so excited to continue the Wildwood Mileage Club this year!   

What is the Wildwood Mileage Club?  The Wildwood Mileage Club is an opportunity for scholars to walk laps during recess and earn a fun charm. Each scholar will receive a necklace to put their charms on and wear at recess if they choose to participate and a mileage marker to record their laps. For each lap, scholars will recieve a stamp on their mileage marker.  When their card is full, the scholar will get to pick a cool charm. It takes 20 laps to fill a card.  There will also be some special walks that each scholar who participates will get a special charm. 


Dates for the special walks are as follows.  Dates may change depending on the weather or other school events:

  • November 16 - Turkey Trot - November 16
  • December 14  - Wander the Wintery Mitten Mile 
  • January  25 - Penguin Promenade
  • February 8 - Healthy Hearts Walk
  • March 15 - Shamrock Stroll
  • April 19 - Earth Day Walk/Run
  • May 24 - Flower Power
  • June 7 - Wildcat Prowl