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Emergency Kits

Child Comfort Kits


Natural hazards, disasters, and emergencies can happen at any time. TIS has an emergency plan in place and supplies stocked in the case of an emergency occurring during the school day.  As we plan for possible scenarios we’d like your help with creating Emergency Comfort Kits for your child. Comfort kits would be the first line of resources to be used in any scenario when students are sheltered at the school longer than the school day. The items in the comfort kits will provide them with foods that are familiar and palatable to them and items that would help them stay calm.  


Comfort kit items should be sent in a one-gallon, Ziploc bag and clearly marked with your child’s name.  We are asking for a 2 day supply with approximately 2400 calories in each bag.  Please remember we are a NUT FREE campus so we ask there be no nut products in the comfort kits. 


We ask that all students bring a “comfort kit” to school as part of their supplies for the 2019-2020 school year.  Please bring in your kits no later than October 1st!

                                                                        Suggested non-perishable food items:


granola bars


hard candies


 canned fruit with flip top

 fruit roll-ups

 tuna fish packets

 dried fruits/ raisins

cheese crackers

 small canned juice

plastic fork/spoon

 small note pad & pencil book

comfort letter (see samples) family photograph



These are “suggested” items. Please tailor your child’s comfort kit to their likes, dislikes and any specific needs.  See OSHA website for more information.


Tips for Family Emergency Plans

  • Parents can sit down with their children and discuss the possibility that they could be separated in the event of a disaster or emergency.
  • Parents and children should decide on an out-of-area contact they can call in an emergency. An out-of area contact is important because our region may be so impacted in a disaster that we can't communicate locally, but could get in touch with relatives or friends out-of-state. 
  • Families should write up their plan, including an agreed-upon meeting place near the home, should an emergency happen after school or while the family is in the home or neighborhood. Include all relevant phone numbers: work, school, cell phones, after-school care providers, etc. 
  • Once families have a plan in place: practice, practice, practice! Send your child to school with the confidence that they're prepared for disaster

Sample Comfort Letters


Dear _____________, Since you are reading this letter, there must have been an emergency while you were at school. Emergencies can be scary.  The good thing is that they usually don’t last very long.  Things will get better.  Please try to be brave, and even helpful if you can.  We are trying to get to you as soon as we can. Please be patient and remember that we love you and are thinking of you.  Love, _____________

Dear _____________, We love you very much and want you to know that this is a time to be brave and helpful.  Please don’t worry about your family.  We know that you will be safe at school.  We will all be making the safest choices wherever we are, and someone will be there to pick you up as soon as possible.  In the meantime, stay calm and follow the directions you are given. Love, ____________