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Multicultural Night

Dear Families-

Thursday, May 2, 2019 is Multicultural Night and we want to partner with families. This year we are looking for dancers, singers, musicians, and fashion show participants. Multicultural Night will be from 5:00-6:30 pm. Please complete and return this form to the front office no later than Monday, April 22. Call at 253.945.4208 with any questions or comments, Thank you!

Scholar Name: ________________________________________________________

Scholar /Teacher: _____________________________________________________

Phone Number:_______________________________________________________

Yes, I’m interested in partnering with Twin Lakes for a Multicultural night on Thursday, May 2nd. I would like to contribute by;

              I and/or my scholar and/or family member is interested in participating in the Multicultural Night fashion show.  I understand that I’m providing the clothing.

What will you be wearing?  __________________________________________________________________



What music will you be dancing to?__________________________________________

How long is your dance? ___________________________________________________

How many people are in your group? _______________________________________


What electronics do you need for your performance? __________________________________________


          Singing/Playing an Instrument

What will you be singing and/or playing?  ______________________________________________________


              Bringing Food

What dish will you be contributing? ____________________________________________________________


PTA is accepting the food donations: Due to food allergies, all participants that contribute food must complete a recipe card that includes all ingredients used in the food.  Cards will be available through-out the event

and in the front office.