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Battle Of The Books

2021 Battle of the Books 

Last Year’s BOB

  1. Restart by Gordon Korman (IRLA: Orange) Realistic fiction
  2. Wishtree by Katherine Applegate (AR 4.2) Fantasy/diversity
  3. Mrs. Smith’s Spy School for Girls by Beth McMullen (IRLA: Orange) Adventure/Mystery
  4. Mac Undercover by Mac Barnett (IRLA: Black) Humor

Sasquatch Nominees  

  1. Small Spaces (Also YRC) by Katherine Arden (IRLA: Orange) Horror—Zombie Scarecrows
  2. Bob by Wendy Mass (IRLA: Black) Fantasy set in Australia
  3. The Season of Styx Malone by Kekla Magoon (IRLA: Orange) Humor—African American boys

 Otter Award

  1. Mia Mayhem is a Superhero! by Kara West (IRLA: White) African American girl—superhero
  2. Stealing the Sword by Wendy Mass (IRLA: White) Branches series, time travel

 YRC Nominees

  1. Wings of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy – Graphic Novel by Tui T. Sutherland (IRLA: Orange) Graphic novel, dragon fantasy

KCLS Global Challenge

  1. A Boy Called Bat by Elana K. Arnold (IRLA: Black) Realistic fiction, autism, pets
  1. Stef Soto, Taco Queen by Jennifer Torres (IRLA: Orange) Realistic Fiction, Hispanic girl 

Honorable Mentions

Saving Winslow by Sharon Creech (IRLA: Orange)

Poppy by Avi (IRLA: Orange)