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Dress Code





Students in the Federal Way Public Schools are expected to dress in a manner that reflects pride and respect for themselves and their schools.  It is generally expected that student dress shall be clean and appropriate.  The following clothing is prohibited at Rainier View:


  • Clothing displaying obscene or sexual words, drug or alcohol-related words, pictures, messages, or innuendoes.


  • Clothing which symbolizes gang membership or which displays gang-related words, symbols, messages or pictures.


  • Students should dress appropriately for school and recess activities.  In all but the most severe weather, students go out for recess, and should come prepared for outside activities.  Hats may be worn outside, but are to be taken off when inside the school building.


  • Students dress and physical appearance should be neat, clean and school-appropriate.  We ask that students not wear tank tops, halter-tops, muscle shirts, cut-offs, crop-tops or spandex.  Shirts and blouses must have sleeves the drop below the shoulders, and not spaghetti straps.  Clothes must always cover the midsection.  Oversized pants, which sag at the waist to expose underwear and/or drag on the ground, or shorts/skirts shorter than finger tip length, are not permitted.  Please have your child wear shorts under her dress/skirt.


  • Unnatural hair colors, such as blue, green, or orange, are not allowed.


  • For safety reasons, we ask that appropriate shoes be worn during physical education class, and flip-flops are prohibited.




Students are asked to please leave

trading cards, electronic toys, cell phones,

and other valuable items at home, as

they may be damaged.