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Reopening Update

As we prepare to return to school this fall, we continue to plan with health and safety as a first priority and incorporate the latest guidance from the Department of Health into our plans. These are the expectations for wearing masks and social distancing at all sites in Federal Way Public Schools when we return to face to face instruction this fall:




Based upon the most current Department of Health guidance, scholars and staff will continue to be required to wear masks, regardless of vaccination status. This means even if a staff member or scholar is fully vaccinated, they will be required to wear a face mask. When scholars and staff are outdoors, face mask coverings are not required though they are recommended in crowded areas for those who are not fully vaccinated.



Social Distancing

In alignment with guidance from the Department of Health, we are planning for 3-foot social distancing to the greatest extent possible in classrooms and in the lunchroom. 6-feet social distancing will be in place to the extent possible in common areas/lobbies, and during activities with increased exhalation (PE, music, etc.). Schools will also continue to use one-way traffic flows where there is the potential for crowding such as in the hallways and office areas.



We will continue to monitor the data for our state and region, and we will update our procedures when changes to recommendations and requirements are made, so we are consistently aligned with Department of Health guidance.



More information about health and safety protocols will be shared in August.