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Highly Capable Program Seeks Students in Grades K-11

Referrals for Highly Capable Services

    • Does your student want to learn everything?
    • Does your student learn everything fast?
    • Does your student have an insatiable curiosity?
    • Does your student love solving problems?
    • Does your student take risks because they want to know what will happen?

    Referrals for Highly Capable services will be accepted December 12, 2016 - January 20, 2017 for the 2017-2018 school year.  By referring your student, he or she will be considered for the highly-capable designation and may be eligible for services and programs provided by the district.

    You may complete the referral online by clicking here.  If you prefer, you may complete the PDF version (Highly Capable Referral Form) and submit it to the Highly Capable department at the FWPS district office.

    Other online versions available:

    Forma de Nominación del Programa Altamente Capaz

    Форма заявления на программу повышенной сложности «Highly Capable Program»

    고급 능력 (영재 교육) 프로그램 추천 양식

    Other PDF versions available:

    Highly Capable Program Referral Korean

    Highly Capable Program Referral Spanish

    Highly Capable Program Referral Russian