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New Attendance Guidelines for Scholars

To attend a winter sports event, non- athletes can only have 3 tardies the week of the event and 1 unexcused absence.

To participate as an athlete, athletes can only have 3 tardies the week of a competition and 1 unexcused absence. Athletes who do not meet this requirement 2 weeks in a row will not participate in the next competition.

Athletes on our campus are students first and it is critical that they focus on being student-athletes! Spectators are wonderful and we want them to cheer on our athletes. However, school is a place for learning first! It is important that our spectators focus on their learning as well.

We will post the list of eligible athletes and spectators before events so that students can check if they are on the list. If you are on the “cleared” list, then you will be able to participate as an athlete or experience the event as a spectator. If you are not on the cleared list, you will need to try again to improve your attendance before the next competition!

Learning Matters! Attendance Matters! If you have questions, please call the office at 253-945-5000.