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Scholar safety is our number one priority!

With school back in session, we encourage all drivers, scholars and families to be aware of their surroundings as they travel to and from school.

At school, we teach the importance of walking safety with our students and encourage parents to remind their children about safe walking habits.

Basic safe walking tips to discuss with students include:

-Discuss a safe route to and from school.

-Teach children to stop at the curb and look both ways before crossing the street.

-When crossing, walk, do not run, and keep an eye out for turning vehicles.

-If your child rides a bike, skateboard or roller blade, always wear helmets and protective clothing; put reflectors on your bike and shoes.

-Students should try to walk with a friend or group of friends.

It takes all of us - the greater Federal Way community - to ensure each of our scholars arrives safely to and from school.