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Every time you shop at Safeway and use your Safeway Club card, you can be earning money for Camelot Elementary. Go to

On the right hand side of the page, find “Make a Difference in Four Easy Steps”

Click on (1) Sign Up -its Free. Enter your Zip code.

Complete Step 1: Your information.
Fill in your information and create a user name and password. The password must consist of 6 to 12 letters and numbers. Click on “Continue”

Complete Step 2: Select schools or nonprofit’s.
Type “Camelot” in the space to the left of the “Search” button. “Camelot PTA-Federal Way Council 9415″ will come up. Click the box to the left of “Camelot PTA- Federal Way Council 9415″. Click on “Continue”

Complete Step 3: Cards and Phone Numbers.
Register more than one card! Choose “Select card” and pick a card type from the dropdown menu. Enter your card number. There are two lines on which you can enter cards. If you hit tab after entering the second card number, it will give you a line to enter another one. Enter phone number(s). Click continue”.

Review your information. Click “Sign Up”. That’s it!! Tell your family, friends and neighbors.