Enrollment Information for Current Parents

  • Federal Way Public Schools is progressively increasing what can be accomplished online for parents and scholars to reduce the amount of physical paperwork that families need to submit. The district has upgraded our Student Information System to support online registration. To assist parents we have created the following scenarios to help guide you into the system.

    For in person assistance:

    • Elementary school offices are closed from July 2, reopening August 13 with limited support, and beginning August 20 with full support.
    • Middle school offices are closed from July 2, reopening August 1 with limited support, and beginning August 13 with full support.
    • High school offices will be fully staffed until June 30; starting the week of July 9 offices will be open on Wednesdays, from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., reopening August 1 with limited support, and beginning August 6 with full support.


Enrollment Scenarios for Current Parents


    A current parent with scholars in the district and there is no change in schools:

    If your scholars are still at the same school they attended in 2017/2018 you do not need to re-enroll your scholar. Your scholar is automatically re-enrolled at the school they attended for the 2017-18 school year.  Please proceed to verify your scholars information online.  https://www.fwps.org/verifyonline 



    A current or previous parent and are adding a new scholar:

    If you have one or more scholars already enrolled or previously enrolled in the district, you need to use your existing ParentVUE account to enroll a new scholar.  All current parents have an account.

    I don't remember my password, but I have logged in previously.  If you have logged in previously but have forgotten your password click here to prompt for a change of password.  Enter the email address that you initially used when registering your first scholar to reset your account.

    If your email address has changed or you have forgotten the email that is connected to your account, please email grades@fwps.org for assistance.

    I have never logged in.  If you are a current or previous parent and have never logged into ParentVUE, you will need to contact your scholar's school for your parent activation code.  The activation code will enable you to create your account.  Your ParentVUE account will automatically include links to any of your previously enrolled child/ren.

    To register a new scholar go to https://sis.fwps.org/login_parent_oen.aspx 


    A current parent with one or more scholars moving from a Middle School to a High School in the same feeder pattern:

    If you have a scholar that is moving up into a High School located in the same feeder pattern as their Middle School you do not need to re-enroll the scholar.  The scholar information has been automatically moved into the high school. Please proceed to verify your scholars information online.  https://www.fwps.org/verifyonline 


    A current parent with a current scholar who has been offered a place through the Choice program:

    You do not have to re-enroll your scholar.  Please contact your Choice school to inform them of your decision to accept the placement. Then contact the school your scholar attended last year to inform them of your switch to the Choice school.   It's important that you contact both schools to enable records to be released.


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