College Bound Scholarship

What is the College Bound Scholarship?

  • The College Bound Scholarship is an early commitment of state financial aid to eligible students who enroll in middle school and meet the pledge requirements. The College Bound Scholarship covers average tuition at public college rates, some fees, and a small book allowance at over 65 colleges, universities, and technical schools in Washington. 

    What is the Pledge? 

    • College Bound students promise to:
      • Graduate from a Washington State high school or home school with a cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher;
      • Not be convicted of a felony;
      • Apply to an eligible college and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA) as soon after October 1 as possible in your senior year of high school.

    Am I Eligible?

    Apply if you are in seventh or eighth grade and meet one of the following requirements:

    • You are in foster care or a dependent of the state
    • Your family receives basic food or TANF benefits
    • Your family meets the income requirements in the chart below:

      Household Size Annual Income Guidelines* Monthly Income Weekly Income
      2 $33,874 $2,823 $652
      3 $42,606 $3,551 $820
      4 $51,338 $4,279 $988
      5 $60,070 $5,006 $1,156
      6 $68,802 $5,734 $1,324
      Additional members* Add $8,732 Add $728 Add $168









    • *Household income must be less than or equal to this amount.
    •  Student is currently in foster care or a dependent of the state
    •  Student's family receives SNAP/Basic Food Assistance or TANF benefits

    How do I apply?

    Check with your counselor or go online at

    Is there a deadline?

    Yes! You must complete the CEP/Family Income Survey by the end of your eighth-grade year.


    What happens next?

    Once you have submitted your CEP/Family Income Survey, you will receive a College Bound certificate in the mail. The program will send scholarship updates to your student's P12 email address.

    How will I receive the scholarship?

    • File the FAFSA or WASFA in your senior year and every year in college to determine income eligibility.
    • Fulfill the scholarship pledge requirements.
    • Be accepted to an eligible college.
    • Be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen, or have DACA status.

    Have additional questions? Contact your school counselor.





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