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Elementary Social Media Support

This page will focus on sharing resources such as videos, websites, family tips & conversation starters on various social media platforms your kids may be exposed to.

Check back regularly as new learning opportunities will be added throughout the year. 


Choosing High-Quality Media for Your Kids

How to Tell If an App Is Good for Learning

Previous Spotlights

Best Practices

Finding balance with Media and Tech Use at Home

Ideal MEALS is a fun way for parents and caregivers to think about how they can create a healthy balance of activities for their children, with and/or without media and tech.

Mira este video en español (

Finding balance with media and tech use at home (YouTube)

What is executive functioning?

Children develop critical life skills that rely on brain functions called "executive functions." These skills help them plan, focus their attention, control impulses, and more. Learn more on how executive functioning relates to media and tech.

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What is Executive Functioning? (YouTube)

Raising Healthy Kids in a Digital World

In order to create an environment that supports your child's development it is important to also understand the benefits and challenges of raising them in today's digital world.

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Raising Healthy Kids in a Digital World (YouTube)

Best Practices: Additional Resources

K-5 Family Discussion Starters and Tips