Retake Policy

Multiple Assessment Opportunities

    1. All students will be given multiple opportunities to demonstrate proficiency with all Priority Standards for each class, recognizing that students learn at different rates and times.
    2. At Sacajawea Middle School, multiple opportunities fall into two categories
      1. Additional assessments given, as a part of the regular curriculum, throughout the year relating to that specific learning target (For example, assessments on processes and skills, such as summarizing, problem solving, motor skills, performance skills, etc.)
      2. Retakes of specific assessments, usually content-based (such as a Unit Test, a Vocabularyquiz, a lab, etc)
    3. The teacher, working with the student, will determine which category of multiple opportunity that will work best for a given situation.
    4. In order for a student to retake a specific assessment, either in whole or in part, the student needs to:
      1. Demonstrate readiness to retake, through a study plan, additional practice, and/or parent communication (A study plan may vary teacher to teacher, but needs to include the priority standard(s) being reassessed, and identify what practice or additional study the student needs to do before retaking the assessment)
      2. Work with the teacher to schedule a time to retake the assessment at a time that will best meet the needs of both the teacher and student (Such as during class, before or after school, or during lunch)
      3. Retake the assessment within the marking period it was first given (exceptions will be made for extended absences or other exceptional circumstances)
    5. Retakes of specific assessments must allow students to demonstrate mastery of the standard, not memorization of a previous assessment (In other words, students will not just be given the same test again)
    6. Teachers will provide reteaching for both retakes and additional assessments
    7. Additional assessments that occur as part of the curriculum will happen as part of the normal class. (i.e. assessments of summarization, posture, problem solving, etc.)