About AVID

  • Advancement Via individual Determination


    AVID IS…

    …a program designed to prepare students in the middle who have not previously succeeded in a college preparatory path for admission to four year universities and colleges.


    • To provide academic instruction to students and to prepare them for eligibility for four year colleges and universities
    • To give students college level entry skills
    • To increase the “coping skills” of program participants
    • To motivate program students to seek a college education
    • To increase the participants’ level of career awareness


    • Learn with tutors in areas of your choice
    • Writing for all classes
    • Developing success strategies
    • How to apply for college
    • Preparing for a professional career
    • Visiting college campuses
    • Interacting with guest speakers
    • Participating in extra curricular and community activities 

    AVID is looking for students who...

    • desire to be the first in their family to attend college.
    • behave appropriately at school.
    • have parental support/commitment to the AVID program.
    • are willing to commit themselves to a minimum of two hours of homework every night.
    • have two teacher recommendations.

    Apply Today! Visit the AVID Application page.

    Questions? Contact Ms. Staley or Ms. Thompson

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