World Language Competency-Based Testing

General Information

  • Any student in grades 8-12 who has obtained language skills outside of the classroom can earn high school credit in any language by taking a World Language Competency-Based Assessment.

    Students who are taking a class cannot receive additional credits by taking the competency-based test. The grade earned in the class takes precedence over the competency-based testing score. Seniors in the 4th year or beyond in a language may take these tests to show eligibility for the Seal of Biliteracy.

    Step 1: How do I know which test to take? Language and Assessment

    Step 2: Register for a LinguaFolio Workshop and a LinguaFolio Account

    Step 3: Register for the correct test and day

    Step 4: Learn more about your test and how to prepare

    If you are taking the STAMP test, you do not need to attend the LinguaFolio workshop

    If you are taking the WPT/OPIc, WPT/OPI, ALTA, Proctored Writing/OPI, or a Proctored Writing/Oral Language Test, you are required to complete a LinguaFolio self-assessment either at home or at your selected LinguaFolio session. 

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