Keeping Families Informed

Our Priority

  • Federal Way Public Schools utilizes an automated parent notification system to communicate with our students’ families about emergencies, activities, and other school and district news.

    We recognize the importance of keeping families informed. Our goals are to:

    • Quickly and accurately inform families and staff of school cancellations due to weather or utility failures;
    • Quickly and accurately inform families of their child’s absence from school on a daily basis;
    • Quickly and accurately inform families and staff of any emergency situations such as lockdowns or immediate evacuations due to weather-related early dismissals; and
    • Enhance communications within the school community among families, administrators and staff. 

    The system is also used to provide families with announcements about upcoming events such as reminders, school activities, testing, and information regarding their students’ attendance or grades. And messages are sent to notify parents of low and negative balances in student meal accounts.

    Parents are busy people. They need timely information about what's happening in their students’ schools, especially when there is an emergency.

    In the event of an emergency situation, such as a lockdown at your child’s school or last minute school cancellation because of weather or utility failure, we  call the number provided, an email and push notification, in an effort to make sure parents and guardians are notified as soon as possible. 

Automated Notification System

  • We need your help to make sure the system works the way it’s supposed to, by providing complete and up-to-date contact information.  In fact, you can provide a primary number as well as a secondary number, cell phone numbers, text message number, and e-mail address for up to four parents or guardians.

Need Assistance?

  • For assistance contact your child's school or the Communications Office.

    Communications Office

    Only custodial parents or guardians may request a change, and the student ID number is required for verification.

Staying Connected

  • We use a variety of ways to communicate with students, families, staff and community.


    Automated Notification System

    Emergency, attendance, lunch balance and other notifications by voice calls, email and app notifications.


    FWPS Mobile App

    Parents can also receive mobile app notifications.


    ParentVue and StudentVue

    Access student grades, attendance information, and to communicate with teachers through ParentVue at Students have access to the same information through StudentVUE at the same web address.



    Federal Way Public Schools has a valuable two-way communication tool called Remind. Remind allows teachers who choose to use text messaging to communicate with parents and students. More information can be found at

    School and District Websites

    District news, information and resources for students, families, staff and community.


    Social Media

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