Student Clubs

We Have All Kinds of Clubs!

  • Student clubs can be formed by any TJ student!  Want to start a club? Ask Mr. Coley Vietenhans, ASB and Activities Director, for a Club Application Packet, or consult your ASB Club Comissioner. 

    The following clubs are available at TJ.  Some meetings times and advisors subject to change. 

    2017 - 2018 TJ Clubs

    ASB and student leadership
    Advisor: Mr. Vietenhaans in ASB Room

    Club Description: As representatives for our school, we work with the school’s budget, tackle new issues facing the student body, and making sure everyone’s voices are being heard. Most importantly we constantly strive to improve the high school experience for students in any way possible.

    Anime Club

    Advisor: Ms. Wilson/ Meets Tuesdays/in D6 @ 2:00 - 3:30pm

    Club Description: Anime Club is a social club for anyone interested in anime. Come if you want to watch anime, play games, go to conventions, or just meet new friends.

    Band/Pep Band
    Advisor: Aaron Weed in A-11/ Meets during class

    Club Description: TJHS Marching Band and Pep Band performs at various community events including football games, basketball games, the Federal Way Farmer's Market, as well as compete at state-wide competitions.  Brought together by our love of music, students of all backgrounds are welcomed and valued in the program.

    Black Student Union

    Advisors: Mr. SpringfieldMs. Bennett and Mr. Nichols/ Meets Every Other Wednesday @ 2:15-3:15pm in D3.

    Club Description: Exists to encourage a positive image of Black students and a positive atmosphere for all students.

     Campus Connect

    Advisor: Mr. Cuaresma Meets Thursday @ 2:15pm

    Club Description:  Campus Connect is a club meant for the sole purpose of brigning people together through fellowship and the gospel.  Welcoming every student, Campus Connect is a good opportunity for those who want to grow their faith and relationships.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to join throughout the school year on Thursdays!

    Chem Club
    Advisor: Mrs. Sobitova Meets Thursdays afterschool

    Club Description: Hello, future scientists!  CHemistry Coub is a fiarly new club.  It was founded in order to help prepare scholars for IB Chemistry SL Test.  However, it is much more than a place to be tutored for chemistry 9even though it is highly encouraged if you are ever in need of assistance), but we prepare for the Chemistry Olympiad, delve deeper into concepts, and do cool experiments.

    Coding Club

    Advisor: Mr. Abram Meets Tuesdays @ 2:10-3:00pm

    Club Description: Coding Club is a new exciting opportunity for TJ students to become exposed to technology.  All skill levels are welcomed, from beginners to experts.  Don't be afraid to try our our club with a friend, even if you know nothing about coding!  Our goal is to get students interested in the STEM field, as well as to give students a head start with this field.  Come join us and learn all about coding and technology!

    DECA (student marketing club)
    Advisor: Mr. Isernio Meets Tuesdays in A43 @ 2:15pm

    Club Description: DECA is an organization for business and marketing students.  Community service, sales and campaigns, marketing competitions and leadership events are planned for and by DECA members. DECA prides itself on producing emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management from high schools and colleges around the globe.

    Emergency Response
    Advisor: Ms. Watchie/ Meets Mondays @ 2:15pm in L5.

    Club Description: A club to prepare the students and the staff for campus emergencies and response plans.  Also to prepare ourselves for Skills USA competitions. 

    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
    Advisor: Ms. Font/ Meets Thursdays 2:00pm - 3:00pm in B4.

    Club Description: FBLA is a club for business-minded leaders working together to better our communities and ourselves.  We participate in adopt a road and compete in regional, state, and national events.

    First Robotics Team (R.A.I.D.)
    Advisor: Mr. Miller Meets on Friday 2:10pm - 3:30pm in J8.  (website is maintained independently from Federal Way Public Schools employees or representatives)

    Club Description: This club connects professional engineers with TJ students to design and build a robot that will compete against other robotics teams.  They’ve had huge success at the district and national level!

    Game Club
    Advisor: Mr. Brown/Every other Friday in E2 @ 2:00pm - 3:30pm.

    Club Description: Game Club is a purley social club in which all TJHS students are welcome to attend and play games of various types.  Social deduction games, strategy board games, or fanstasy role-playing games have all found their way into game club sessions.  It all depends on what people want to play.  The game club meets every other Friday after school.  It;s a great way to start the weekend, so anybody who wants to bring a friend and explore the awesome world of Tabeltop Gaming should come and check it out!

    Graphics Club
    Advisor: Mr. Crossan/ Meets Tuesdays in @ 2:10-4:00pm.

    Club Description: anyone is welcomed to graphics club regardless of design or art skills.  You can come in to chill, play around in photoshop, learn to use obe of our two 3D lazer printers, or do anything in between.  We have plenty of supplies for your designing needs (or art-related homework) so stop by K3 on Mondays if wanna!

    Hiking Club

    Advisor: Mr. Isernio Meets Frist Friday Advisory of the month
    Club Description:  Go outside to see beautiful sceneries, summit mountains, and get that instagram worhty picture.  Meet like-minded people, try new things and get outside.  Come to Hiking CLub, where everyone is welcoming. 

    Honor Society
    Advisor: Mr. Juergens

    Club Description: We promote academic achievements and service to both our school community and the greater community around us.

    Japanese Club
    Advisor: Ms. O'Donnell/ Meets Wednesdays in G2 @ 2:10pm - 3:00pm
    Club Description: In Japanese Club, they promote Japanese culture and it’s many wonderful aspects aloing with studying the language.

    Key Club (Community Service)
    Advisor: Ms. Watson/ Meets Mondays from 2:05pm in Little Theater

    Club Description: Key Club is the largest student run community service organization in the world.  We strive to live our motto of, “Caring-Our Way of Life” through services to our homes, schools, and communities.  We have on of the best Key Clubs in our Division, Division 33.

    Latino Student Union (LSU)
    Advisor: Ms. Cabanas/ Meets Thursdays from 2:10pm - 3:00pm in G5.

    Club Description: LSU participates in cultural activities at TJ and in the community. The members learn about their Latino Heritage and provide a network of resources for each other within the club and school. We take field trips and have guest speakers frequently. We also participate in culture fairs and fundraisers. 

    Math Team
    Advisor: Mr. Norris/ Meets Saturdays and Sundays 10:00am-Noon in E7 & on Gold days after school.

    Club Description: Math Team is one of the most decorated clubs in the school.  With 16+ years of top 10 finishes at Mu Alpha Theta Nationals, we aim to foster growth in mathematical fields through practice and competition.  TJ students of all backgrounds come together to learn about the many different interpretations of math.

    Musical Theater
    Advisor: Mr. Thornton/ Meets during musical theater class and various afternoons and weekends in preparation for the musical.


    Advisor: Mr. Walworth/ Meets during class

    Club Description: Orchestra is a group of advanced student musicians who learn, practice, and perform music pieces throughout the school year.

    P.I. Club

    Advisor: Mr. Springfield Meets Thursdays after school

    Club Description: Our club promotes Pacific Islander dances and food.  We perform at the annual culture night as well as events in the community.

    Ping Pong Club

    Advisor: Mr. Weed Meets Tuesdays @ 2:10-3:30pm

    Club DescriptionPing Pong Club is for you if you enjoy a friendly game of table tennis.

    Pinoy Student Union

    Advisor: Mr. Greb Meets Wednesdays @ 2:10-3:30pm

    Club Description:  Pinoy Student Union is an organization where we focus not only on learning about Filipino culture, but valuable life lessons that are implnated in thge culture itself.  Through these valuable life lessons we welcome people of all ethnicities to join and build new friendships, learn and grow with each other and themselves from a diverse area of perspectives, and giving a helping hand not only to our community, but also to the Filipino community.

    Pottery Club

    Advisor: Mr. Roberts/ Meets Wednesdays in K7 @ 2:10pm

    Club Description:  Pottery CLub meets to give students additional time to work on their craft and new artwork.

    Russian Club/Student Association of Slavs

    Advisor: Ms. Arseniy/ Meets Thursdays in G4 @ 2:10pm

    Club Description: To create a safe environment where students of a Slavic background may gather and connect together culturally.  Students of all backgrounds are invited to learn about Slavic Culture as well.

    Sexuality and Gender Acceptance (SAGA)

    Advisor: Ms. Brown/ Meets Thursdays @ 2:00 - 3:30pm in E4.

    Club Description: We are here to support the LGBTQ student population at TJ through socializing, participating in community events, and having guest speakers.  We hold activities such as the annual “Day of Silence.” 

    Speech and Debate
    Advisor: Mr. Buchan/Meets Mondays @ 2:15 in E1

    Club Description: We compete at national-caliber competitions including a yearly trip to Stanford University.  With over 15 different events, compete in entertaining interpretation or intense debates and win amazing trophies in a team with some of the top minds in our school.

     Unified People

    Advisor: Ms. Schumacher Meets Tuesdays after school

    Club Description: Unified People is a club where students can discuss immigration rights, and be informed by people that have experiences with immigration, like immigration lawyers.  In the club you learn how to respond in certain positions when you are with the police.  Unified People is bigger than just our school, but it is about supporting our community and informing them.  Our intentions is to link up with other schools, such as Federal Way High School's (Fuerte).

    Writing Club

    Advisor: Mrs. Winslow Meets Mondays @ 2:05pm

    Club Description: Writing Club allows students to express themselves through various forms of writing.

    Advisor: Ms. Gilmore/ Meets during Yearbook class in B1

    Club Description: Yearbook makes award winning yearbooks for the entire student body.  With awesome summer camps and state competitions, we consistently produce one of the best yearbooks in the state!