School Profile

School Information

  • Address: 1415 SW 314th St

                   Federal Way WA 98032

    Phone: 253.945.4800


    Fax: 253.945.4848

    Principal: Angela Williamson

    Assistant Principal: Amanda Wilde

    Counseling: Toni Fortunato & Shannon Harris

    Grades: 6-8

    Year School was Built: 2008

School Mission Statement

  • As staff, it is our responsibility to create the conditions for scholars to learn, thrive, and succeed. We are committed to providing each scholar rigorous standards-based, culturally responsive instruction, and ensuring that they are seen, valued, heard, and feel a strong sense of belonging at school. At Lakota, we challenge ourselves and each other to RISE – be Responsible, Inclusive, Safe, and Empathetic. Guided by our Strategic Plan, we will continue to place scholars at the center of all decisions, elevate their voices, which will ensure A BRIGHT FUTURE FOR EACH SCHOLAR.

Our School Goals

  • Our school goals align with the District Strategic Plan:

    Goal 2- Whole Child: Thriving, Confident, Responsible Individuals

    Pride Points

    • 100% of Scholars participate in Student-Led Conferences
    • Implementation of school-wide Advisory lessons that support Social Emotional Learning

    Area of Focus

    • Continued work towards 100% of scholars feeling safe and welcome at Lakota through Advisory lessons, PBIS systems and Principal Scholar Advisory input
    • Scholar social, emotional, and academic ownership of learning is a strong focal point this year with the staff setting the necessary conditions for scholars to thrive

    Goal 4- Content-Area Competence: Mastery of All Subjects

    Pride Points

    •  Schoolwide focus on rigorous reading, writing, speaking and listening through Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning strategy

    Area of Focus

    • It has been said that reading unlocks power and privilege. At Lakota, we ensure that our scholars have at least 30 minutes of daily Independent Reading Level Assessment (IRLA) where scholars grow their reading stamina, vocabulary acquisition, and their genre selection.

Community Involvement

    • Classroom volunteers
    • WatchDOGS
    • PTSA
    • School Garden
    • Lakota Kings
    • PBIS Partnerships

School Improvement Plan and Score Cards



School Data

  • You can find data for all schools on Washington’s Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s website including scholar demographics, teacher information, free and reduced lunch rate, school funding and financial resources, and assessment data at

    Also, check out the FWPS Data Dashboard on our website: and click on the “Data Dashboard” icon at the top of the page.

  • Updated: 10/24/19