School Profile

School Information

  • Address: 1310 SW 325th Pl

                   Federal Way, WA 98023

    Phone: 253.945.3900


    Fax: 253.945.3939

    Principal: Kelly Sutton

    Assistant Principal: Alyssa Simm

    Counseling: Denise Mattsen

    Grades: K-5

    Year School was Built: 1989

School Mission Statement

  • At Silver Lake we believe in building a strong community by ensuring that ALL are welcome and by instilling following the Positive Behavior Intervention System. Every day we come to school to learn. We do that by: Showing Respect, Making Good Decisions, and Solving Problems. Silver Lake takes pride in providing exciting and rigorous core instruction through Standard Based Learning. We place our priority on our growing our scholars academically and socially.

Our School Goals

  • Our school goals align with the district strategic plan:

    Goal 2- Whole Child: Thriving, Confident, Responsible Individuals

    Pride Points

    • All school morning assembly every day to build community and reinforce school-wide routines and rituals
    • School-wide PBIS system that all staff utlize to acknowledge expectations and recognize positive behaviors

    Area of Focus

    • Creating, communicating, and implementing a building wide system to ensure all students access to core curriculum as well as creating strong PBIS supports

    Goal 4- Content-Area Competence: Mastery of All Subjects

    Pride Points

    • All scholars are recieving core curriculum and instruction. All classrooms and teacher teams are aligned to ensure rigorous grade level standards are met by the end of the year
    • All staff meeting in PLCs every six days to analyze data in order to impact instruction and increase student achievement

    Area of Focus

    • High quality instruction across all classrooms, every day, using a standards aligned curriucum while supporting teachers in the PLC framework

Community Involvement

  • Currently our school partners with Boyko Motors. They worked to donate school supplies to support our scholars’ needs. We welcome other community organizations to connect with us. Please call the school office if you’re interested.

School Improvement Plan and Score Cards



School Data

  • You can find data for all schools on Washington’s Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s website including scholar demographics, teacher information, free and reduced lunch rate, school funding and financial resources, and assessment data at   

    Also, check out the FWPS Data Dashboard on our website: and click on the “Data Dashboard” icon at the top of the page.

  • Updated: 4/12/2023