• FWPA offers many different options for extra-curricular activities.  Some clubs are still meeting while we are 100% remote, others are not.  The clubs marked with an * are active during remote learning.  


  • FWPA’s Associated Student Body takes the lead with FWPA dances, talent shows, and other school wide activities. 

    ASB meets on Mondays at 3:00pm.  Please contact Steve Anderson for more information.

Chess Club

  • Open to students of all ability levels. The Chess Club promotes teamwork, competitive spirit and good sportsmanship

Community Service*

  • The Community Service Club is open to all students.  The club plans, implements and supports community service projects for the students at FWPA.  Projects undertaken by the club have included food drives, blanket drives, the Festival of Giving, and the sale of Pulsera bracelets.

    Community Service meets on Tuesdays at 3:00 pm on Zoom.  The club also has a SharePoint communications page.

    For more information, contact Diana Camp.

Cross Country

  • Under the guidance of Mr. Lauer, students earn PE credit while learning the importance of physical activity. Although running is often a solitary journey, the students also learn the importance encouraging each other as they train side by side with fellows teammates.

Drama Club*

  • The Drama Club will meet on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm via Zoom beginning October 28th.  Interested students, contact Derek Olsen by Monday, October 26th with the answers to the following questions and to receive access to the canvas page and Zoom link.

    1.    What is your full name? Preferred name? Grade level?
    2.    What experience do you have performing in front of others?
    3.    Why are you interested in joining drama club this year?
    4.    Are you currently not passing or at risk of not passing any of your classes? (Saying yes doesn't mean you can't do drama, I just need to know so I can help support you in balancing clubs with school work.) Don't worry, your answer to #4 will stay private 😉 

Knowledge Bowl

  • The FWPA Knowledge Bowl competes as part of the Tacoma/Pierce County league. After school practices begin in November with meets being held weekly from December through February.

Math Team*

  • Students in 6th – 8th grade develop a love for mathematics and competition. Each year the teams compete at a number of competitions in the region.  

    For more information, contact Heather Kelly.

National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society*

  • Admission to the Honor Society is by invitation only. Students involved in Honor Society attend regularly scheduled meetings, perform community service activities, participate in school activities and constantly strive to maintain a 3.5 GPA.

    For more information, contact Kathy Whisenhunt.


Robotics Club

  • Students learn about the field of robotics while building a remotely operated vehicle designed for a specific underwater task. Each spring the students compete in the local Marine Advanced Technology Education event.


  • The Yearbook staff is responsible for documenting all the activities that take place throughout the year. All students are welcome to apply to be a part of the yearbook staff. Students who participate in yearbook gain artistic experience in photography, graphic design and layout.