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Our Academics

  • Open Textbook Federal Way Open Doors (formelry Acceleration Academy) provides a flexible custom learning path for each and every student who enters the program.

    Open Doors student scholars usually have different needs than students in traditional high schools. That’s why the school takes a completely different approach with our students.

    Our staff work with student scholars to address these barriers to completing school and obtaining a high school diploma.

    • Open Doors is open twelve hours a day to fit a variety of schedules.
    • Student scholars come in on their schedule.
    • Courses are completed one at a time and at the individual’s own pace.
    • There are no classes, thick textbooks or school bells.
    • Learning is done online with staff support in a bright and comfortable environment similar to a public library. Each student is provided a take-home electronic device for his or her coursework.
    • Getting that diploma is only part of the plan for those who choose to join this program. Every participant develops a personalized, ten-year career plan, which includes career/college readiness, an inventory of interests and life skills. Specialized staff assists with behavioral, social, emotional and health needs, as well as special education and language acquisition support.
    • It's more than just your high school diploma-it's your life!


    • Antique Clock Flexible hours to fit your schedule
    • Comfortable, library-like setting
    • Tech-savvy: students are assigned a laptop for home use
    • A blended learning environment that can be personalized for every student: digital online coursework, on-site staff, project/competency-based approach
    • Personalized plan: fits your goals, learning styles and interests
    • Challenging & relevant: you’re earning the FWPS high school degree you need to move forward
    • Wrap around support: whatever you need to succeed, we are with you every step of the way


Open Doors is Not

  • Like high school! No rows, desks, lectures, pop quizzes, class times, cliques or crowds. Come as you are and discover how successful you can be.