Get To Know Us

What Is Special About Our School?

  • Lake Grove, with 425 students in grades K-5, is a learning community that brings staff, students, and parents together in a safe and welcoming environment. The school strives to prepare students to become productive members of both the local and world communities. Our mission is: “Engaging Every Child in Meaningful Learning in Order to Exceed Standard in Reading, Writing, and Math.”

    We are focused on standards-based teaching, learning, and assessment. Our goal is to teachthrough the Common Core standards to achieve Adequate Yearly Progress as defined by the federal No Child Left Behind Act. Our teachers use a variety of instructional strategies that are differentiated for every child. They include direct instruction, small-group and individual instruction, flexible skill groups, guided and shared reading, learning centers, Readers Workshop, GLAD, and project-based learning.

    There is specialized instruction for students who need additional support and horizontal expansion for students who exceed standard. Rubrics, checklists, and anchor papers provide all students with clear expectations.

    We intentionally teach thinking strategies, intelligent behaviors, reading comprehension, writing forms, and learner outcomes across the curriculum and the grades. Student recognition is based on the outcomes.

    Our staff and students celebrate the many cultures that are represented in the diverse Lake Grove family. The staff works hard to establish positive connections, rapport, and trust with our students and parents. Regular communication and classroom newsletters celebrate student successes and keep parents informed about classroom activities, events, and academic focuses. Families are invited to participate in family literacy and math events, as well as parent education programs. 

    Lake Grove has an exceptional staff of caring teachers, many of whom have earned National Board Certification. We have collaboration embedded into our schedule so teams of Professional Learning Communities discuss and learn best practices with coaches and experts.

    Our staff development is outstanding with three exemplary teacher coaches collaborating, co-teaching, and providing workshops for teachers.

    Our staff motto is: “We live what we believe, and we believe in every child.”