Student Led Conferences

  • Our Student Led Conferences are just around the corner. We will offer two styles of conferences this spring. We ask that your student engage in at least one conference.


    Please RSVP by signing up at this link:

    On Wednesday, March 29th, we will be offering "Drop-in" sessions from 3-6pm. Teachers will be available in the building and you can drop in to the teacher(s) of your choice. We ask that these sessions are kept to about 5 minutes to ensure that teachers can meet with each family that drops by.


    On Thursday and Friday, there is no school and teachers will be available for 15 minute appointments. Thursday hours are 8am-3:30pm and Friday hours are 8-10am.


    6th grade families should look for separate information. All students are required to conference with both Mr. G and Ms. Leah.