Social Media in FWPS

  • Digital Citizenship equips scholars with the skills to recognize the rights, responsibilities, and opportunities of living, learning, and working in an interconnected digital world, acting and modeling in ways that are safe, legal, and ethical. It is more imperative than ever that our scholars build agency to be safe on-line, and these resources can help you start the conversation at home.

Digital Citizenship Goals:

  • Goal 2: Whole Child, Thriving, Confident, Responsible Individuals.

    Scholars will be supported in growing their digital identity and agency while cultivating a positive digital footprint.


  • Goal 5: High School Graduation Through Successful Transitions

    Scholars will be equipped to safely and successfully navigate a digital world in and beyond their PK-12 experience. 

Image of Goal 2
Goal 5 Image

Social Media Night from May 4, 2022